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The completed $530 million Brown Line Capacity Expansion Project will provide important upgrades and benefit neighborhoods along the Brown Line for many years to come.
The goal of the Brown Line capacity expansion project was to provide accessible stations capable of supporting eight-car trains to increase capacity and bring stations along the line to a state of good repair. Details on improvements include:
Longer platforms that accommodate longer trains
Rush hour trains can now be eight cars (two more than usual), so customers can board more quickly and travel more comfortably. The platforms were expanded to accommodate eight-car trains instead of the current six-car alignment, so customers who were unable to board a Brown Line train because of overcrowding will now see trains with two rail cars added during rush hour.
Accessibility for everyone
All Brown Line stations are now accessible by people with disabilities. This means that customers with disabilities are able to board at any Brown Line station now that the project is complete.
Modern stations with more conveniences
Narrow stairways and small station entryways slow access for customers during peak periods. The capacity expansion project included the renovation of stations to feature wider stairways, additional entrances and exits, and more turnstiles to ease congestion when entering or exiting stations.
As of
kimball brownline complete
kedzie brownline complete
Francisco complete
Rockwell complete
Western complete
Damen closure
Montrose complete
Irving Park closure
Addison complete
Paulina paulina status
Southport closure
belmont belmont status
Wellington blank
Diversey closure
Fullerton blank
Armitage blank
sedgwick complete
Chicago blank
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