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During the Brown Line capacity expansion project, some stations were temporarily closed. However, the businesses along the Brown Line remained open. We asked customers to support Brown Line businesses during construction.
Addison Businesses
Armitage Businesses
Chicago Businesses
Damen Businesses
Diversey Businesses
Francisco Businesses
Irving Park Businesses
Kedzie Businesses
Kimball Businesses
Montrose Businesses
Paulina Businesses
Rockwell Businesses
Southport Businesses
Wellington Businesses


As of
kimball brownline complete
kedzie brownline complete
Francisco complete
Rockwell complete
Western complete
Damen closure
Montrose complete
Irving Park closure
Addison complete
Paulina paulina status
Southport closure
belmont belmont status
Wellington blank
Diversey closure
Fullerton blank
Armitage blank
sedgwick complete
Chicago blank
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